Bass Fishing Tutorials

Bass Fishing Tutorials

Bass Fishing Tutorials by BassMan Austin

Are you new to bass fishing? Do you want to improve your bass fishing game? Check out my bass fishing tutorials and learn the basics before you head out to the lake. Prepare for your guide trip or simply improve your fishing skill set. Learn tips and tricks that have taken me years to perfect.

With my tutorials you can learn how to tie various fishing knots and you will be able to differentiate between the several types of fishing line that fill the shelves of your favorite tackle shop. You can also become familiar with the different types of rods and reels available for freshwater fishing.  You can also learn how to select the right rod and reel for the technique you are using.  Keep checking back for more bass fishing tutorial articles.


Get to know your rods and reels

Learn to tie the versatile palomar knot



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