Fishing Guide Trip Frequently Asked Questions

You got fishing guide trip questions?  I have answers. 


Bass fishing buisness man

  • If I book a fishing guide trip with you, how many people can go?

I can take up to 3 people comfortably in my 2012 Ranger Z521 boat powered by
a Mercury 250 Pro XS (this thing looks like Star Trek Enterprise). In some cases 4 depending on the size of the group (children, etc). I host corporate and group trips and can hosts parties of up to 50 or more if needed.

  • Do you guaranty we will catch fish?

I wish on every trip my clients would catch at least 100 fish. The reality is fish
have minds of their own (hmmm…starting to sound like my wife hahahahaha)
and no matter what you do, sometimes they just don’t bite or read the same
magazines that I do.  🙂 That said, you can greatly increase your odds by using live
bait and calling ahead for an honest fishing report from me. Remember, it is not
always about fishing. It’s about spending time outdoors with family and friends and
enjoying nature and the like.

  • Hiring a bass fishing guide is expensive, what gives?

Think about it like this. If you were go to and rent a boat for 4 or 8 hours,
you would pay about the same or *more* and not have any knowledge of
the lake, equipment or techniques or where to fish. The guide trip rate helps
to offset the cost of maintaining and operating a boat and fishing equipment.

  • How can I obtain a discounted fishing trip or free fishing?

Business owners and CPAs please contact me for details for free fishing.
I offer Active Duty Military and Police/Fire Department personell a 10% discount-
Thank you for your service!

  • I am not a strong swimmer, do you provide life jackets?

Without question, as a matter of fact my policy is to wear your life jacket at all
times if you cannot swim. Additionally, I ask that everyone wear life jackets when
the boat is underway. Children under 13 years of age must wear a life jacket at
all times per Texas state law.

  • Do you fish with artifical lures or live bait?

Yes. 😉 Depending on how tough the fishing may be I may opt to choose live bait as
an option. At this time I do not charge for live bait. The reality is, you will greatly
improve your odds of catching fish when using live bait – one of the main reasons
live bait is not allowed in bass fishing tournaments.

  • Can we keep the fish?  Will you clean them for us to eat?

Typically the answer is no since we are fishing for largemouth bass. I support catch
and release of *all* largemouth bass; however, it is acceptable to keep bass under 2lbs
to improve the fishery. On slot lakes such as Bastrop, you are welcome to keep largemouth
under 14 inches. Since there are no cleaning stations at most ramps, I typically do not clean
fish unless we are on a night fishing trip, which keeps us out of public view while cleaning.
If you are really interested in keeping fish, I suggest you book a night fishing trip for white
bass on Lake Travis.

  • What is the best lake for us to go to?

My answer for this would be the lake where you will catch the most fish. At present the best
lakes to fish would be Lake Bastrop or Fayette. If large fish size is the target, Lake Austin, Choke Canyon
or Falcon would be the premium choices.

  • Do we meet you at the boat ramp or will you pick us up in your vehicle?

In some cases I can arrange for transporation to pick you up for your guided fishing trip. This will be addressed on a case-by-case basis so please let me know where I can help.

  • Do you accept gratuity?

Guides work very hard, we are in a service industry. That said if you think I did a great job
at teaching you new techniques and locating fish, absolutely! 😉 One other thing you can
do is to patronize my sponsors. If it weren’t for my sponsors, I would not be where I am
and not be able to offer guide trip rates as low as I do.

  • Do I need to purchase fishing license?  Where do I purchase a fishing license?

Yes, you have the option of purchasing a day, week or annual fishing license depending on
your needs. Please visit any local Academy or Wal-Mart or this link online to purchase
your fishing license: 

  • What if it’s bad weather on the day that our trip is scheduled?

If the weather is incliment to the point where your safety is involved, we can reschedule the
trip. As I always say, “there is no fish worth dying for.” Wait, let me rethink that statement,
maybe a world record largemouth.  😉

  • What happens in the event that something comes up and I am unable to make it to our scheduled guide trip?

In some cases I can reschedule and you will not lose your deposit. I will address this on a case-by-case basis so please let me know as soon as possible.

Please feel free to contact me or give me a call at 512-658-5530 if you have questions that are not covered here. Thank you.

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