Lake Bastrop and Fayette Fishing Report Week of June 25th – July 1st 2012


Fishing has been really awesome on both lakes. As a matter of fact we started the first day of July with the best day of bass fishing I could ever remember on Fayette lake. We had 27 doubles and 150 plus fish. Most fish were caught schooling; however, I fished an old tank that was loaded with fish that were in the 3 to 6lb class. This is the kind of fishing hole you find that wins you tournaments.

I got into a bit of a scuffle with a fisherman this day which was the only sour part of the day. We had the one particular area on Fayette all to ourselves from 7AM till around 1PM and the fish were schooling like crazy. I was idling around to find the schools which we were hammering when we got up to. Some local came up around 1PM and started yelling at me that running your big engine scares the fish and wanted to educate me on the fact that the fish were schooling. You think? Please don’t tell me how to fish schooling fish – especially fish that I have spent catching all morning.

In some cases, he is right, you don’t want to run your engine OR your trolling motor through schooling fish but these fish were not these educated schooling type of fish. 😉

My customer caught a 4.5lber right after we idled over the spot, case in point, when the fish are on fire, they are one fire. Needess to say, we didn’t let this ruin our day, we exchanged a few words and after I expressed the fact that I was fishing the area the whole day the disgruntled fisherman left, thank you LORD. We caught even more fish after he left. 😉

Bastrop schoolies are going nuts but can be tough to catch from time to time. Most folks throw out launcher rigs with small swimbaits or spoons tied to the end of them. Personally, I prefer Blakemore Roadrunners on spinning reels with light 8lb test. In August the shad will be a bit larger and the fish won’t be as finicky or particular and you should be able to catch them on larger baits. We are stil catching fish Carolina Rigging and Drop Shotting plastics on humps and ledges.

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