Lakes Bastrop and Fayette Fishing Reports January through March 2013

Friends, I admit I have been slow in posting my fishing reports, so I will sum up the last 3 months of fishing. Most of my fish have been caught deep in the January through February months on Bastrop and Fayette, some of these fish being pre-spawn and some of them being post-spawn. The key was targeting main lake humps and ledges particularly near spawning creeks and flats.

At this point, most of the fish are finished spawning although you will find some fish still on beds with the recent streak of sun we have had lately.

On Bastrop this being Spicer Creek and on Fayette this being Groce Branch which both have been and still continue to produce fish. Targeting Primary and Secondary points in any of the creeks will produce fish out to 25ft on Carolina Rigs, drop shots, jigging spoons and the good ole’ Alabama Rig. Some good fish have been caught on Deep Crankbaits in shad colors as well too.

Here lately on Bastrop, most of our fish are being caught shallow on spinnerbaits, and chatterbaits along the outside and inside edges of grass in 2 to 6 ft. I haven’t seen them generate water for a while now on Bastrop and there is a crane near one of the smokestacks so my assumption is a motor is out or something.

If you want to fight the traffic in the discharge and intake areas of Fayette, as you know, both areas always hold fish. Sometimes this is necessary to escape the blistering wind we have had lately.

Fayette has been consistently producing in deep or shallow water. One of my favorite baits lately both on Carolina Rigs and flipping Texas Rigs is the Mister Twister Poc-It Craw 3.5″ in Bull Bream color. They even work well on drop shots. If you want to site fish, you can’t beat the solid white version the bass just crush it. Sounds like a marketing pitch and maybe it is, but is one I believe in. The craw traps air inside the pockets causing bubbles to be released during the retrieve which shows the fish something different than they have seen over a million times. Show the fish something different and see the results, give them a try and let me know how you fare. I am certain you will not be let down.

I am going to attach a lot of fish that have been caught by my customers as soon as I get the formatting worked out. Make sure you get out on the water this time of year and don’t forget to take a kid fishing. One such event is the Lake Bastrop C.A.S.T. (Catch a Special Thrill) for Kids tournament going on May 4th. It is sponsored by the Bureau of Reclamation, LCRA, and Bluebonnet Electric, among others. Take a moment of your time to make one of these kids days, your heart will melt.

Thanks and I’ll see you on the water.


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